SEESFA uses the Full-Time System to assist with the management of its competitions. One of the benefits of Full-Time is that it offers free data feeds which can be used to display fixtures, results and tables on external websites. This means that County SFAs who take advantage of these feeds can have information on their own websites without having to manually update and upload individual tables.

How to incorporate a Full-Time Feed into your website

  • To access all the SEESFA feeds, click here to go to the SEESFA section of Full-Time.
  • Use the links on the left hand side of the page to choose the kind of feed you require. There are three options: League Tables, Recent Results and Forthcoming Fixtures
  • Then use the drop-down menus in the main area of the page to customise how the data is displayed. There are different colour schemes available, so you can select one which complements the look of the website where it will be displayed.
  • Once you have generated the HTML code for your feed, copy it and paste it into the page where your visitors will see it (note that, if you use a Content Management System such as Joomla, you may need to install a component like Sourcerer to manage the customised HTML)
  • Save the page and publish it for your visitors to enjoy.

The process is simple and Full-Time is free, making it an incredibly useful tool.